He's the gentle laid back one on the show. When Josh Halverson sings, he tells a story. Nobody paints a picutre with words and musical notes better than this guy. Josh has just earned his place on this season of The Voice LIVE shows, mentored and coached by Alicia Keys.


His blind audition got three chair turns. He blew away the judges with his rendition of "Forver Young" which made the legendary Alicia Keys pitch hard for him, and it worked. Josh picked Alicia to mentor him. 


Between the battle round and the knockout rounds Josh would get stolen by Miley Cyrus, and then stolen back by Alicia Keys, where he currently sits now. He's about to hit the LIVE shows, and only the future will tell what happens next. He's an extremely talented musician and we were honored to have him on the show. LISTEN BELOW to what Josh had to say on the BradCooney Podcast.



Also, the fans will be able to tweet out votes using the voice app. You can vote 10 times using #'s so stay tuned to the instructions on The Voice on exactly how to do this. 


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