Paranormal Investigator


On Friday, November 6th, 2015, I conducted my first paranormal investigation. The house is located in Mississippi. The exact location will not be disclosed as to protect the owners privacy. So what did I experience? Firstly, it was more than just I in the house. I had two friends, Donnie and Amanda, and the homeowner. 


It didn't take long for things to start happening. We took a quick tour of the house, set up some equipment, and began our investigation. During the investigation we experienced intelligent resonses, light anomalies, feeling static electricity, and we captured what appears to be childrens faces in a photo. 




We were also able to capture the intelligent response in the bedroom on video. There are two videos to look at. One is the intelligent response video, the second is a video that shows K2 spikes, and light anomalies that coincide with each other. Each time the K2 meter goes off, you'll see the light anomalies flying around.  I personally felt static electricity on my arms and neck each time the K2 meter picked up radio frequencies. It's pretty ironic that each time we got K2 hits, we see light anomalies that coincided with it.


The two videos below show us investigating the bed room, which is known to be the most active room in the house. Everything you see is real. This is no hoax.



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